Everybody is writing, few people actually reading

When I started this blog, almost 6 years ago I had a clear purpose: give back. I had extracted so much useful information from the internet and in early 2009 it was time to give back. Publish my tricks, secrets, tips, etc.

I then moved into Oracle and now I can’t disclose everything I know. Too bad. Blogging habit was fading away.

When I crawled the ladder of Peter inside Oracle I had more opinions to share, result of my experience, but no one wants everybody else’s opinions, because as it happens, everybody now have one. So the motivation of blogging faded even more.

Now I look at my blog, and I don’t think it makes sense to share my opinions in a one-off basis anymore. The blog style just doesn’t fits this world anymore, so it seems. Should I shutdown the blog?

Am I on a case of a bad monday or does this make any sense?