ASMlib and Kernel version

Last time I had to install a ASMlib RPMs on my RHEL 4.4 box I found out that my Kernel version was:. 2.6.9- What on earth do those geeks are thinking to pull up such a version number?

I went to’s page for ASMlib and found out that for RHEL 4 there were something like 400 different RPMs.

The information company is Oracle Corporation and their site sucks! How am I suposed to find the right RPM? Couldn’t those nerds made up some simple servlet that I would type my kernel version and a ZIP file would pop up for download? No, it’s too complicated for Oracle that once acused Informix of hiring lawyers instead of programmers. So now I think that Oracle should hire some programmers for their site instead of having fired everyone at Oracle local support.

So the hard time Oracle gave me at their stupid site grew on me the need to find something and since my version was 269-42 when I found it I was thrilled. I took the oracleasm-269-42 RPM along with the oracleasmlib and oracleasm-support one.

But when I’ve tryied to install it I got an error on “/etc/init.d/oracleasm configure” I’ve started a journey no one should want at a Linux box: Not knowing what went wrong, since I was darn sure I had the right stuff.

You know what? I learned the hard way geeks and nerds make stuff for geeks and nerds, and so those 3 zeros after the version number, that had absolutely no meaning for me, turned out to be the key.

So the RHEL install CD #3 had all the RPMs I needed for that stupid version: oracleasm-2.6.9- ! I had to do was get oracleasmlib RPM from the site and use the kernel and support one from the CD #3 and everything went like a charm.

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