SSH User Equivalence in 11gR2 Real Application Clusters Clusterware installation

There has been a while since a new Oracle Database release hasn’t hit me with so many key new features.
And for those who had suffer long hours of horror movie-like feelings configuring ssh user equivalence, knowing that Oracle Database 11g Release 2 does this by itself based on the /etc/hosts alone, it’s like a blender that fetches the fruit from the fridge by itself and puts back the juice in the fridge so you can open the door and selfserve from that delicious natural fruit juice. It’s magic, it’s the impossible made possible, it’s … let’s see some images because I’m running out of metaphores:


When I saw the “SSH Connectivity” button … my heart froze ;-)


I took a deep breath and clicked. All of the sudden a new part in the installation window showed me a new and wonderfull world of self-configurable SSH user equivalence. I’ve pushed the “TEST” button so I could see the more than expected error because I’ve done nothing so far to configure it, and so I got the following message:


This is more than expected, not because I was installing a one-node clusterware, but because I haven’t done nothing yet in this particular issue of SSH Connectivity. And to tell you the truth I wasn’t in the mood to do it, so I decided to take another deep (deeper) breath and click on the “SETUP” button, whishing the impossible and knowing that another complex form might pop-up for me to fill. But my 14-year Oracle experience didn’t prepared me for what was about to hit me: total and complete self configuring SSH Connectivity. Take a look:



I’ve almost “jizzed in my pants;-)

Disclaimer from the docs:

“To enable the script to run, you must remove stty commands from the profiles of any Oracle software installation owners, and remove other security measures that are triggered during a login, and that generate messages to the terminal. These messages, mail checks, and other displays prevent Oracle software installation owners from using the SSH configuration script that is built into the Oracle Universal Installer. If they are not disabled, then SSH must be configured manually before an installation can be run.”

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