Pure DBA Science – some good postings

The internet blogging community on Oracle Database Administration tend to reffer each others posts, which I find very healthy and worthwhile. When a post is good you should read it and spread the word about it.

Here’s my tribute and selection to the blogs I find worthwhile reading, on some of the Best Blog Posts About Oracle Database Administration:

“Analytic Agony” – by Jonathan Lewis

“On the Importance of Diagnosing Before Resolving” – by Cary Millsap (yes, the OFA father! = OFA is one of the few Oracle acronyms where the “O” doesn’t mean “Oracle”)

“What I learned about shared pool management” – by Coskan Gundogar

“Learning ASM: Breakin’ the Rules (or, Running ACFS on CentOS)” – by Brian Bontrager

“root.sh… Oracle CRS stack is already configured!” – by Surachart

“Characterset Woes” – by Michelle Malcher

“How To Manually Open The Standby Database When The Primary Is Lost” – by Alejandro Vargas

“chmod -R 777″ – by Laurent Schneider

“Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime” – by Don Seiler of The Pythian Group

“All about joins” – by Tom Kyte (yes the one that changed his name to APEX – no offense Tom!)

“KGH: NO ACCESS allocations in V$SGASTAT – buffer cache within shared pool!” – by Tanel Poder

“Command Line Tools and History” – by Harald van Breederode

“OPTIMIZER_INDEX_CACHING Parameter” – by Richard Foote

“ASM Storage Possibilities” – by Joel Goodman

And finally as an hommage I leave you with one of my favourites blogs:


If you want to stay up-to-date Coskan‘s weekly blogroll report is the best.





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