Disable Firewall in Oracle VM Templates saves you a lot of trouble

If you’re addicted to use Oracle VM templates like myself and sometimes have networking problems there is one “must-do” task that will save you a lot of trouble: disabling the Linux firewall.

I experienced sshd, EM, scp, you-name-it-kind-of-networking-tool problems until I disabled the firewall inside each and every Oracle Virtual Machine (on a lab OVS server pool, not production).

And how to you acomplish that simple task?

Easy-peasy lemon-squeazy:

1. log on as root

2. # service iptables stop

3. # chkconfig iptables off

If you want to save the config for later use, you can do this command before stoping the service:

# service iptables save

If you’re using IPv6 then the service is called “ip6tables” and the commands are the same.

Hope it helped.

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3 thoughts on “Disable Firewall in Oracle VM Templates saves you a lot of trouble

  1. Thank you! As simple as this is, it has taken me a long time to find the correct solution. I disabled the firewall on installation, so not sure why it re-enabled.

  2. That’s the hint I needet!
    Not even one clue in the Oracle Documentation, that there is a Firewall!
    And: If I were Oracle, I would implement a feature, that the firewall is off by default (even I would fix the partitioning when installing VM-Server)

  3. Simple! Good one. I was having all sorts of problems trying to ftp/scp from host to vm and forgot all about firewall, kind of last thing which comes to your mind in a host which hosts a vm. Many thanks!

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