Downloading from MoS? Don’t get caught!

Simple post, just to warn the souls that haven’t downloaded patchset yet:

1 – You don’t need the base version anymore, this patchset is selfsufficient

2 – There are 7 files in a total 4.7 Gigs but you don’t have to download them all

So which zip files do you need? Here’s the list :

zip1of7 + zip2of7 => Database (if you’re creating a non-ASM, non-RAC environment this is all you need)

zip3of7 => Grid Infrastructure (only needed for either or both ASM and RAC installations)

zip4of7 => Client

zip5of7 => Gateways

zip6of7 => Examples

zip7of7 => deinstall (uninstalling Oracle software it’s thru a different set of media since 11gR2)

So if you need basic non-rac non-asm upgrade or groud up installation, just download the first 2 zips.


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