Book of the Month: “Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata” by Robert Stackowiak et all

It has just landed in my hands, the first book written about Exadata ! Finally all the technology I’ve been working in the past 16 months has gone mainstream in terms of knowledge sharing.

Writers Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, Maqsood Alam and Mans Bhuller with foreword by Juan Loaiza and technical editing by Kevin Closson, Maria Colgan and Tim Shelter.

And impressive concentration of talent ;-)

Ten chapters that will give you a complete vision of what does the Database Machine (DBM) solution is all about. From the Oracle Database options and the actual Exadata Storage Software, passing through the best practices to manage the DBM, until the deployment of either a Data Warehouse or a OLTP system. The book finishes with two very important chapters that address the consolidation design and techniques available, and the best strategies to migrate your database on to the DBM.

This is a must buy book for anyone already working with DBM or that just wants to know more about the magic of this quantum-leap product.

You can buy the book here:



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3 thoughts on “Book of the Month: “Achieving Extreme Performance with Oracle Exadata” by Robert Stackowiak et all

  1. Hey,

    Already got it from US before few days, because it’s not yet available at I’m waiting to get some free time so I can go through it on one breath. What made me impression is that they showed not only what the DBM is but also backup best practices and high availability in terms of Exadata.
    What do you think about the other one, Expert Oracle Exadata from Kerry Osborne, Randy Johnson, Tanel Poder ?


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Luis. I hope you get as much 0ut of reading this book as we did writing it.

  3. Rick: Thanks for the comment.
    Sve: I’ve only saw the chapter list and it looks promising, although I think the “market” was in desperate need of a more widely scoped book like this one.

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